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"This world would be a whole lot better if we just made an effort to be less horrible to one another." — Ellen Page

Gym class gay rights lesson

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The class I dread the most this trimester is P.E.

I don’t sport.

But I go in trying to make the best of it — putting up with the preppy sophomores afraid to break  a nail, the nerdy freshmen with their idiotic jokes, the seniors that somehow got dumped in this freshman class. It’s slightly brutal, but I’m taking one for the team (myself) because I must graduate.

As we walked around the gym this morning the group of people around me were discussing moisturizing. (God only knows why).

Moisturizing is a girl thing, someone brought up.

“Why can’t I moisturize!” one of the boys asked.

“Because then you’d be gay!” his friend replied.

He received an extremely bitter death glare from me, but alas he was turned the other way.

A few minutes later, as I jogged with this girl I have befriended, I somehow brought up How I Met Your Mother. (Understandably, because it’s fantastic).

“You know the guy who plays the main character is gay, right?” she asked.

“Who?” I asked. I don’t know why I said that. I think I was so severely thrown off by her question.

“Oh, you mean Neil Patrick Harris?” I asked. “I LOVE him. He’s literally one of my favorite people.” I immediately knew how she felt about homosexuals and I was ready to share how I felt, too.

“Really?” she asked. As if I was crazy because I think a gay person is wonderful.

“Like his family is the most precious thing,” I said. I was trying desperately to hold my stance, make her understand that her close-mindedness is of the minority and that gay is okay. Common. Acceptable. “He and his partner are the cutest most wonderful couple ever and — ”

What?” Gay people in love?!

” — and they have these two twins that are so adorable and their family Halloween costumes every year are completely beyond perfect and I just love them more than anything.”

neil-patrick-harris-david-burtka-halloween-2013 neil-patrick-harris-halloween (1) tumblr_muzk76C04y1snopa6o2_500

White, black, Hispanic, Republican, Democrat, Catholic, Jewish, Atheist — what ever you may be, you must admit these Halloween costumes are not only top-notch, but representative of a complete, happy-family unit.

I don’t need to preach about my stance on gay rights, it’s quite clear. I find it odd that some people don’t look at homosexuals as even on the same spectrum as heteros. This girl couldn’t believe that I look up to and think so highly of a man who loves another man. She couldn’t believe that I think of their family as “complete”. That I think the Burtka-Harris twins are adorable and will be raised well by two men. I watch a TV show starring a gay man who acts as an extreme womanizer. HIMYM is not the only show out there with gay actors, obviously. She thought it was so jarring that I think of homosexuals as equal to anyone else.

That’s the problem with the anti-gay portion of the country. They skipped over the whole “All men are created equal” part of the Constitution.

Good thing I didn’t tell this girl about my love for Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, Lady Gaga and Chris Colfer (among others).

Some people just aren’t ready for reality. I feel bad for you all. It’s like you’re waking up on the wrong side of the bed every single day. That’s really too bad.

I’m glad I don’t have that problem.

Author: sheilaraghavendran

I agree with Ellen, let's be kind to one another.

One thought on “Gym class gay rights lesson

  1. Don’t have too much to say; just want to thank you for spreading the correct attitude among your generation!🙂

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